About RemediusRx

RemediusRx is a platform that unites multiple pharmacies under one digital roof, streamlining healthcare delivery for patients and healthcare providers alike. By integrating numerous pharmacies onto a single platform, RemediusRx ensures convenient access to medications.

How it works

RemediusRx connects a vast network of pharmacies, making it easy for patients to find the medications they need and these are delivered to their doorstep if preferred. By aggregating pharmacies on one platform, RemediusRx expands the availability of medications and healthcare products, promoting better health outcomes for patients. With multiple pharmacies on a single platform, patients can compare prices, services, and delivery options. RemediusRx integrates with our telemedicine platform, RemediusLive, to provide a comprehensive healthcare experience that combines virtual consultations, symptom checking, and prescription management.


RemediusRx revolutionizes healthcare delivery in Uganda by creating a unified, efficient pharmacy ecosystem. Our commitment to innovation and collaboration ensures that RemediusRx remains at the forefront of digital pharmacy solutions, empowering patients with improved access to medications and enhancing healthcare outcomes.

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